or as long as she can remember, Ginny Palmer has had a deep passion for creating all genres of art. Inspired by her timeless adventures as a child growing up on the beautiful countryside of Melbourne, Australia, is when she first exhibited her artistic skills at age four when she picked up a paint brush in preschool. Her mother, Vibeke Petersson, who was an accomplished artist in her own right, soon recognized her daughter’s natural ability and eagerly encouraged her to develop her talents.


It wasn’t until 1978 when she and her family moved to South Florida before Ginny developed her artistic skills by using a broad range of mediums such as, vibrant glossy acrylics and watercolors; to rich pigments of black Indian ink. Her unique works have extended from painting characterful illustrations for educational exhibits; to intriguing and skillful presentations of black and white Architectural themes, and expressive portraitures of colorful Pop Art.


In the 1990s Ginny and her mother began producing a multitude of various commissions for private art collectors throughout the United States and Canada. While Vibeke Petersson was known for composing exquisite reproductions of old world, 20th century European artists, particularly those of the French School of Art who painted in the “Fauve” feeling, Ginny Palmer, known as “R E M L A P,” painted in the “likeness” of many American and European artist, such as; Tarkay, Maimon, Manet, Alex Katz, amongst others. Their colorful portraitures evoked a lasting impression which led her to develop her own style and originality.

Today, Ginny has written and illustrated a children’s book, and more recently, unleashed a new series of Family & Pet portraits. Regardless of what excites the viewers senses, “Turn Your Memories into Art” with a personalized gift for any occasion that will warm the hearts of friends and families for all generations.



G I N N Y  P A L M E R

— Fine Artist —