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With the holidays soon upon us, I’m honored to share a beautiful portrait I painted this year in memory of my beloved “Sparkle,” who is featured on the front cover of this year’s Palm Beach Pet Society Book. Inside, you will find more of my favorite pet portraits and Cover Story. Limited autographed copies will be available with any purchase of a Family or Pet Portrait so you and your loved ones will be able to cherish long after the holidays have past.


As you turn the pages of this charming book, your eyes can’t help but light up when you peer into the many faces of other families and their adoring pets. Organizations such as the American Humane are a huge part of this stunning book every year, who continuously search and rescue so many of our precious animals who have become apart of our families  around the world.

ginny palmer


Exceptionally skilled and multi-talented,

Artist, Ginny Palmer, presents a stunning collection of Family & Pet portraits and other styles of Fine Art viewed throughout her website. All works are traditionally drawn and hand-painted  for clients worldwide. Although, certain originals and reproductions are no longer available, prints and commissions may be requested on our Service & Contact page. You can be confident that we will provide a level of service that you and your loved ones deserve.

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Back Cover of Palm Beach Pet Society 

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